Bridgeway House serves the needs of children with autism and related abilities while educating and supporting their families. We began by offering desperately needed hope to a small handful of families and have grown in the years since to offer hope to hundreds of families every year. Our programs help this diverse group of children meet the challenges of living with autism as well as help their parents and caregivers manage the stresses of raising a child with special needs.

We provide best practice services including ABA therapies, social skills groups, academic support, education, summer camps, family social events, parent education and support, a private school for children with autism, and more. We offer scholarships for all our programs because we are committed to serving all children with autism and their families, regardless of income level.

Bridgeway House enriches the lives of children with autism and their families by building relationships.

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Bridgeway House is Organizing a Flash Mob!

April 2, 2020 is World Autism Awareness Day. Despite the controversy about autism awareness, Bridgeway House wants to celebrate our community by coming together and dancing! We invite everyone who has autism, everyone who loves or knows someone affected by autism, or anyone in the community who accepts and supports those affected by autism to join us in a special Flash Mob event.

To participate, click here to EMAIL US with your name and how many will be participating. Then click to start learning PART ONE OF OUR DANCE  Part 2 of the choreography will be sent to everyone who signs up via email.

We will come together to dance twice:

1. On March 18th at 4 pm we will meet at Autzen Stadium to rehearse what we have learned from the amazing Antonio Anacan’s choreography to “This is Me.” After we rehearse, we will film our flash mob dance for a video to be released in April. The UO Duck, UO athletes, dancers from the Eugene Ballet, and other incredible supporters will join us! If learning a dance is too much, just join us and have fun!

2. On April 2nd at 4 pm we will perform live at Oakway Mall for all in our community; they will be aware!

Please join us and dance, support and have a fun with your entire family.

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In addition, you can help support Bridgeway House through the following:

Fred Meyer Rewards: Connect your Fred Meyer Rewards card to Bridgeway House online at Fredericton/community rewards then every time you use your card, in addition to the rewards you accrue, Bridgeway House will benefit, too!

Escrip: Register your credit, debit, and store loyalty cards at and a percentage of what you buy with these cards will be donated to Bridgeway House.

Amazon Smile: Choose Bridgeway House through Amazon Smile and we will receive a percentage of what you buy at 

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The most reliable way to be notified about Bridgeway House closures and delays is to use the Remind App.

There are three ways you use Remind:

• Use the Remind App on your Phone: On your phone, open a browser, go to and follow the instructions to sign up and download the mobile app.

• Get Text Notifications on your Phone: Text @e6g2h8d to 81010

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