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Home Therapy
Our Home Therapy Program provides in-home, individualized, autism-specific therapies to children from 2-22 years old. Therapies include ABA, Floor Time, Direct Instruction, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. The program helps children with autism improve their behavior, social interaction, communication, processing, and motor skills.

Social Groups
Our Social Groups help students learn social skills and emotional self-regulation through integrated teachings and support while emphasizing building lasting connections and friendships between students. We offer Special Interest Social Groups, as well, such as the ever-popular Minecraft Social Group. These groups allow students to communicate and deepen friendships over their shared passions. There may be a waiting list until there are enough kids of the same skill level, age, or interest to create a group.

Theatre Production
Our Annual Theatre Production features children with autism. The production is tailored to the needs of the performers and to support their success, performers receive extra rehearsal time and creative accommodations to help them overcome some of their most pressing cognitive, social, behavioral, and communication differences.

Summer Day Camps
Our Summer Camp Program provides a safe day camp experience tailored to the needs of children with autism from 6-18 years old. We provide the specialized supports needed to allow the campers to be successful while gaining skills and having fun. For many of the children this is their first opportunity to experience summer camp and it would not be possible without the help of teachers and aides who understand their challenges and know how to maximize their strengths. Each summer we offer a variety of different camps.

Sexuality, Health, and Personal Exploration (SHAPE)
SHAPE provides sexuality, personal safety, and hygiene education while building relationship skills and encouraging personal exploration to help youth with autism increase their self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. Taekwondo classes are provided as part of the program because martial arts helps individuals with autism to reduce stress, improve social skills, and build confidence

Teen Ballroom Dance Classes
Teenagers with autism often struggle with social skills difficulties, sensory struggles, and low muscle tone. Ballroom dance helps to improve their skills in these areas. In addition, the structure which is integral in ballroom dance is particularly appealing to dancers with autism.  Because sequences and repetition help youth with autism function at a higher ability level, ballroom dancing is a natural fit for them.

Movement Dance Therapy
Our Movement Dance Therapy helps children with autism improve their social skills and motor skills while having fun with games and social movement set to music.

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