About Bridgeway House

Bridgeway House was founded in 2002 by a parent who was unwilling to accept the limited resources available to her child.

Our primary mission is to offer treatments, developmental therapies, enrichment courses, and support to children and families of all income levels who are affected by autism.

Because Bridgeway House knows that raising a child with autism or related abilities can be expensive, scholarships are available for all our services and programs.

Bridgeway House works with a variety of professionals and specialists to bring enriching programs and services to children with autism and their families.

Since 2002, Bridgeway House has grown significantly and attracts clients from various parts of the United States. We are very proud of the services we provide to the children with autism and their families and are always looking for new programs and services to benefit them.

– Patricia Wigney Executive Director

Bridgeway House is a nonprofit organization that was founded to offer treatments, developmental therapies, enrichment courses, and support to children and families of all income levels with autism and related abilities. Our focus has been developing programs and services in direct response to needs seen in our community that are designed to help this diverse group of children meet the challenges of autism, as well as helping their families with the emotional, financial, and social challenges they face.

We require a one-time registration fee for all programs and services. We offer scholarships for all our programs because we are committed to providing services to all families affected by autism regardless of income level. Please call Bridgeway House for more information on the scholarship application process.

Each program has a minimum and maximum number of participants. The deadline for registration is one week prior to the first meeting. If a minimum number of participants have not preregistered, the may be cancelled at the instructor’s discretion.

Bridgeway House School

The Bridgeway House school is one of the programs that Bridgeway House offers and the only one especially designed to support students with autism in Lane County and nearby counties. The founders of this organization, parents of children with autism, envisioned a school that would serve the diverse needs of children, like their own, and families affected by autism. It was admitted as a school by the state in 2009, with 4 students in downtown Eugene, Oregon. It moved to south Eugene in 2011 with 5 times more students.

In 2013, the school again moved to a seven-acre land nestled within the Camp Creek Valley in the serene countryside of Springfield, Oregon. Since then, this quiet location has been providing the ideal environment, free from extraneous sounds and sensory distractions where students on the autism spectrum may access core academics within a stress-reduced setting.

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Bridgeway House Board of Directors

Agency Board Members

Matt Roberts – President

Melissa Vigil – Treasurer

Brandon Gibson – Secretary

Mark Cummings – Member, past President

Neil Mark Harvey – Member

Holly Guardino – Member

Jeffrey Yoder – Member

Mary Ann Winter-Messiers, PhD – Member

Bridgeway House Teachers & Staff

Patricia Wigney – 
Executive Director

Kristin Collier –
Social Group Coordinator / SHAPE Program Coordinator

Phoebe Blume –
Finance Manager

Christopher Bell, SLPA  –
    Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Sophia King, M.S., BCBA, LBA – OR
  Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Rachel White, M.A., BCBA, LBA – OR
  Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Natalie Townsend, RBAI-OR, RBT  
  Registered Behavior Technician | Home Therapy Program Administrator

Lesley Christofferson, RBAI-OR, RBT
Registered Behavior Technician

Kaylee Kirkpatrick, RBAI-OR 
  Behavior Interventionist

Monique Weaver-Gutierrez, RBAI-OR, RBT
   Registered Behavior Technician

Bella Laughlin, RBAI-OR
  Behavior Interventionist

Jocelyn Hurley
Occupational Therapist

Nick Brown
Mandt Trainer

Hannah Bennion, MT-BC
 Music Therapist

Jacey Crane, RBAI-OR
   Behavior Interventionist

Chris Holter
Special Ed Teacher

Jessica Benetreu
Special Ed Teacher

Gina Kaldahl
Special Ed Teacher

Akiko Kato, Special Education Teacher
  15th Street School Principal

Tresa Roberts

Nathelle Comeau, M.S., BCBA, Special Education Teacher 
    Camp Creek Principal

Alex Bullis
  General ED Teacher

Sally Bennett, M.A. ABA
Special Ed Teacher & Administrative Assistant

Yvonne Gattie
  General ED Teacher

Patrick Sinnott
Special Ed Teacher

Shay Brewer

Baily Davis

Justine Flynn
Special Ed Teacher

Erin Strickland
Office Manager

Kassie Holcomb
General Ed Teacher, Assistant Principal

Pat Hayes, MSW
 Human Resources

Danielle Applegate, RBT
  Registered Behavior Technician

Rowan Bupp

Dana Cohen Lissman
MS, BCBA, PhD Clinical Supervisor

Stephanie Bengtsson

Bridgeway House Business Sponsors

Bridgeway House is grateful to the following corporate sponsors for their generous support of our programs:

Bridgeway House Foundations

Bridgeway House is grateful to the following foundations for their generous support of our programs:

Chambers Family Foundation

City of Eugene Cultural Services Division

Colad Charitable Trust

Faye & Lucille Stewart Foundation

Lane Arts Council

Larson Family Foundation

McKay Family Foundation

MillsDavis Foundation

R&M Clark Family Foundation

Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund

Speers Family Giving Fund

Spirit Mountain Community Fund

Three Rivers Foundation

United Rotary Clubs of Lane County

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