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Bridgeway House is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2002 to offer treatments, developmental therapies, enrichment courses, and support to children and families of all income levels with autism and related abilities. Our focus has been developing programs and services in direct response to needs seen in our community that are designed to help this diverse group of children meet the challenges of autism, as well as helping their families with the emotional, financial, and social challenges they face.

We require a one-time registration fee for all programs and services. We offer scholarships for all our programs because we are committed to providing services to all families affected by autism regardless of income level. Please call Bridgeway House for more information on the scholarship application process.

Each program has a minimum and maximum number of participants. The deadline for registration is one week prior to the first meeting. If a minimum number of participants have not preregistered, the may be cancelled at the instructor’s discretion.

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Bridgeway House Programs

Please contact Bridgeway House for more information or to apply to any of our programs.

Home Therapy

The Home Therapy Program at Bridgeway House provides individualized interventions for each child. We use evidence-based practices that will produce the most effective treatment gains in the areas of: communication, cognitive, social, self-help, and challenging behaviors. Current research has shown Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to be most effective and produce the most significant gains when delivered in a high-intensity model. Therapy sessions range from 1-3 hours, with a recommendation for a minimum of 15 hours per week.

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Early Intervention Focus
Bridgeway House’s Home Therapy Program focuses on early intervention for children aged 18-months to 10 years of age. Depending on a child’s needs, they may be referred to other providers.

Bridgeway House is an in-network ABA provider for the following insurances:

  • Cigna
  • Healthcare Management Administrators (HMA)
  • OHP Open Card
  • Pacific Source
  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Trillium

Insurances not listed can be served out-of-network. If insurance isn’t available, private pay is an option and financial scholarships may be provided. Bridgeway House is continually working toward becoming in-network providers for all insurances in the Lane County area.

Our Team

Sophia King, M.S., BCBA, LBA-OR | Home Therapy Coordinator
Rachel White, M.A., BCBA, LBA-OR | BCBA
Niki Schering, M.S., BCBA, LBA-OR | BCBA
Natalie Townsend, RBAI-OR, RBT | Registered Behavior Technician | Home Therapy Administrative Assistant
Lesley Christofferson, RBAI-OR, RBT | Registered Behavior Technician | Lead RBT
Monique Weaver-Gutierrez, RBAI-OR, RBT | Registered Behavior Technician
Jennifer Edwards, RBT and Danielle Applegate, RBT
Jacey Crane, RBAI-OR, RBT | Registered Behavior Technician
Kaylee Kirkpatrick, RBAI-OR | Behavior Interventionist

Applied Behavior Analysis

Bridgeway provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to individuals on the autism spectrum. ABA systematically applies evidence-based practices to address socially significant behaviors and introduce appropriate replacement behaviors. The ABA therapy program was introduced to Bridgeway in 2016.

The ABA Program at Bridgeway House provides individualized interventions for each child. We use evidence-based practices that will produce the most effective treatment gains in the areas of: communication, cognitive, social self-help, and challenging behaviors. Current research has shown ABA to be most effective and produce the most significant gains when delivered in a high-intensity model. Therapy sessions range from 1-3 hours, with a recommendation for a minimum of 15 hours per week. Please email info@bridgewayhouse.org to request more information about the Home Therapy Program.

Parent Roles in ABA Therapy

A parent or care-giver must be in the home during therapy sessions, but is not required to directly be in the room. Parents are asked to participate in the development and implementation of treatment plan goals, supply age-appropriate toys and other necessary educational materials, and generalize skills that are being targeted in programming. Parents will be included for monthly parent training sessions with the BCBA in order to generalize skills and focus on targeted skills, such as self-help tasks or behavior reduction programs.

ABA Team

Each team will consist of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a team of behavior interventionists. The BCBA will have a supervisory role on your case, providing initial assessment and creation of treatment plan, weekly supervision of behavior interventionists, monthly updates, and in some cases, weekly direct sessions. Each client will receive the bulk of their therapy from a team of behavior interventionists, with a set weekly schedule. Dependent on need, therapy services may be delivered in home, community, school, or clinic based.

Intake Process

If you are interested in having your child receive ABA therapy, the following information is required:

  • Fill out the availability calendar for therapy services
  • Provide a copy of your insurance card (Front & Back)
  • Submit your child’s ASD diagnosis report, including: name of diagnostician, date of diagnosis, and applicable diagnostic codes
  • Prescription and referral for ABA Services

All information can either be faxed, mailed, or emailed to the following:
Fax: 541-345-0855
Mail: P.O. Box 10639 Eugene, OR 97440
Email: ABABridgeway@bridgewayhouse.org

Once the intake packet is received, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will be assigned to your case. The BCBA will contact you for any further information needed or to update you on the process.

A pre-authorization will be submitted to insurance to allow for an assessment of your child to develop a treatment plan. Once the authorization is approved, the BCBA will contact you to schedule an assessment appointment. This appointment will take approximately 1-2 hours. During this time, an assessment of your child will take place while the parent(s) fill out further paperwork.

Following the assessment, a treatment plan will be written and submitted to insurance. This treatment plan will have goals that were developed based off of the results of the assessment administered along with parental concerns. It will also suggest the amount of hours per week needed for therapy. Once insurance approves the treatment plan, you will then be contacted to schedule therapy.

Bridgeway is an In-network ABA provider for the following insurances:

  • Pacific Source
  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • OHP Open Card
  • Cigna
  • Moda
  • HMA

Bridgeway is an Out-of-network ABA provider for the following insurances. Please be aware that additional insurance costs may apply:

  • Optum/Providence/United
  • Aetna
  • Meritain

If your insurance isn’t listed, private pay is an option and financial scholarships may be provided. Bridgeway is continually working on becoming providers for all insurances within the Lane County area.

Social Groups

Our Social Groups help students learn social skills and emotional self-regulation through integrated teachings and support while emphasizing building lasting connections and friendships between students. We offer Special Interest Social Groups, as well, such as the ever-popular Minecraft Social Group. These groups allow students to communicate and deepen friendships over their shared passions. There may be a waiting list until there are enough kids of the same skill level, age, or interest to create a group.

Theatre Production

Our Annual Theatre Production features children with autism. The production is tailored to the needs of the performers and to support their success, performers receive extra rehearsal time and creative accommodations to help them overcome some of their most pressing cognitive, social, behavioral, and communication differences.

Summer Day Camps

Our Summer Camp Program provides a safe day camp experience tailored to the needs of children with autism from 6-18 years old. We provide the specialized supports needed to allow the campers to be successful while gaining skills and having fun. For many of the children this is their first opportunity to experience summer camp and it would not be possible without the help of teachers and aides who understand their challenges and know how to maximize their strengths. Each summer we offer a variety of different camps.

Sexuality, Health, and Personal Exploration (SHAPE)

SHAPE provides sexuality, personal safety, and hygiene education while building relationship skills and encouraging personal exploration to help youth with autism increase their self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. Taekwondo classes are provided as part of the program because martial arts helps individuals with autism to reduce stress, improve social skills, and build confidence.

Music Therapy Program

Music therapy provides a unique and engaging avenue for emotional expression and the development of important life skills such as social/emotional skills, gross and fine motor movement, cognitive development, and speech and language skills. The music therapy program at Bridgeway House focuses on coming alongside each student and supporting them in their journey whether that is through drumming, singing, songwriting, or playing a wide range of instruments.  Through group and 1:1 sessions students have the opportunity to process and express themselves in a safe and supportive space facilitated by our state licensed and board certified music therapist.

Bridgeway House Services

Bridgeway House works with a variety of professionals, teachers, consultants, and specialists to deliver programs, services, and hope for children and their families.

Parenting Series with Mary Ann Winter-Messiers, PhD – This six week series provides guidance and support in the challenges of raising a child on with autism. Registration is open to parents, grandparents, and guardians. The group is limited to eight participants and preregistration is required. There is no cost for the series and free childcare is available. Contact Bridgeway House to find out when the next series begins.

Mothers with Daughters on the Spectrum Support Group – We offer a support group for mothers with daughters on the autism spectrum. Contact Bridgeway House to preregister for this group.

Tutoring – Tutoring is available with direct instruction in reading, math and other subjects.

Occupational Therapy – A licensed Occupational Therapist is available to assess and implement a plan for gross and fine motor skills, including Handwriting Without Tears.

Speech Therapy – A licensed Speech and Language Pathologist is available to work with your child.

Bridgeway House School

Please Click to Fill Out Daily Form before attending Bridgeway House School

Bridgeway House in Eugene, Oregon assists people with autism cope.The Turtle represents our school, out mission, and our students. Steadfast in nature, the Turtle is determined to reach its goal.

Like the age old story goes, the Turtle often reaches its destination in a unique way and on its own terms. Like the Turtle, sometimes we need to escape into our shell for calming silence.

Our shell provides a rigid exterior, but you will find a very soft Turtle inside.

Please click the link to download a PDF of the 2021-2022 Bridgeway House Operational Framework including Full Agency Safety & Health Protocol. 2022 Operational Framework coming soon

In light of the recent surge of the Omicron variant, Bridgeway House School is extending its
return date from break to Thursday, January 6 rather than Tuesday, January 4, 2022.
Bridgeway House is taking a proactive approach toward avoiding possible school closures due
to quarantine, or having to change to remote learning. Due to the rapid nature of the Omicron’s
spreading, the agency needs these days to ensure:
• All staff has been tested for COVID before returning to work
• Staff and students are healthy after the holidays
• Staff and students have access to COVID tests, of which there is currently a
• Student’s families have had time to test students for COVID before school
Thank you for your understanding and Happy New Year.
Patricia Wigney
Executive Director

The Bridgeway House School is one of the programs that Bridgeway House offers and the only one especially designed to support students with autism in Lane County and nearby counties. The founders of this organization, parents of children with autism, envisioned a school that would serve the diverse needs of children, like their own, and families affected by autism. It was admitted as a school by the state in 2009, with 4 students in downtown Eugene, Oregon. It moved to south Eugene in 2011 with 5 times more students. In 2013, the school again moved to a seven-acre land nestled within the Camp Creek Valley in the serene countryside of Springfield, Oregon. Since then, this quiet location has been providing the ideal environment, free from extraneous sounds and sensory distractions where students on the autism spectrum may access core academics within a stress-reduced setting.

Please click the link to download a PDF of the 2022-2023 Bridgeway House School Academic Calendar

At this time, Bridgeway House School is providing limited, in-person services with the plan to open for full-time school again in Fall. However, safety and health are still the top priority. Ongoing communication with families and staff is critical to ensure everyone is doing their best to make in-person school safe and successful as Bridgeway House plans its reopening. Although Bridgeway House strives to treat all staff and students equitably, it may be necessary to make building-based precautionary safety decisions. This means 15th Avenue and Camp Creek buildings could vary in terms of Covid-19 safety protocol.

One new academic media (Zoom) has actually created a new skill, so many students will supplement their in-person learning with the implementation of the new online skills they have gained.

Overall, the agency knows that safety and good health are paramount, as academic success cannot be achieved otherwise. Bridgeway House will do all that is necessary and required to ensure a safe reintegration of staff and students to the in-person school program.

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